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Alias Nasir – Pretty Boy | Alternative Banger

Alias Nasir is a Tempe, Arizona based alternative hip-hop artist who is known for his innovative approach for his tracks. His discography is an innovative mix bag of a total of 4 singles, 2 EPs and an Album. Alias Nasir has a bewitching vocal texture that makes his track stand out from the crowd. Alias beautifully intertwines innovative musical elements with his characteristic vocals that breathes life into his tracks. The artist has released several tracks but the track that caught my attention was his latest release, ‘Pretty Boy’ which is a proper banger.

Alias Nasir recently released his long awaited single after his EP which is called ‘Pretty Boy’. This is one of those track which will surely have you banging your head hard throughout the track. The music compliments the track in a chaotic yet complimenting manner. The track is one of the best tracks I’ve heard in a while and is going to be in my workout playlist in the top 6 tracks. The flows are fresh out of the oven. The hi-hat rolls got me in a trip making me feel elevated. The production is outstanding which is brought to life with sound lyrics. The track is ecstatically bewitching which will linger around in your head even if you listen to the track only once. The only thing that disappointed me was the length of the track. Tracks with such heavy potential should last a little longer and now I have to listen to it on repeat.

This is a banger which will surely play on repeat on your earphones once you’ve tasted the blood. Do give it a listen if you like heavy music woven with caution with deep and impactful lyrics.

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