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Jae.Joven – Top 8 | Love Rap

Jae.Joven is an artist who is known for his Hip-Hop tracks that project innovative flows put together with deep lyrics and ecstatic music. He made is debut through his EP, ‘From Within’ which was released in the spring of 2018. Suffering through several mishaps, Jae.Joven took Hip-hop as an escape which led to his love for the genre. His fearless attitude towards his lyricism is what makes him special. Expressing his raw emotions through his exquisite musicality makes him unique and stand out of the crowd. His discography beautifully portrays his versatility through 17 singles and 2 EPs which are some perfect projections of his innovative lyricism and multi-dimensional musicality.

Jae.Joven recently released a single called ‘Top 8’ which will surely put you in a groove. The track is a perfect example of his magical lyrical skills. The voice modulations throughout the track makes it one of its kind. His unique approach towards his tracks make him an icon. The way he portrays such deep feelings and emotions through lyrics and music is remarkable. The track is addictive and gets stuck to your head like bubble-gum. Each word is carefully placed to deliver the maximum impact. Each musical element plays its role to make this track one of the best contemporary Hip-Hop track. The track is groovy enough to make your feet move on their own.

‘Top 8’ by Jae.Joven is a masterpiece that should be listened to by the masses. This track is highly recommended. Give it a listen ad do share it with everyone you think might love this track.

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