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We curate multiple genres including mild ambient instrumentals with elements of nature in them, Acoustic, Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Synthwave, Jazz

Listen to the playlists here to get a feel of what we usually gravitate towards, waiting to hear from you guys!

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We will listen to your songs carefully, if we liked the song and it fits one of our playlists, we will add it to our playlists, else we will give you a feedback of why your song couldn’t make it!

Healing with Nature | Mild Ambient Instrumentals

Coding is life | Relaxing coding music

Vibes of FuturePast

Jazz is life | Classy & groovy Jazz music

Melodic – Acoustic | Folk | Singer-Songwriter

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If you want to be featured in this blog, and you’re done registering on the below link, let us know your song/album name, you can send them to – [email protected], once we’ve found the song/album, we will only send you an offer if we enjoy the song and if it fits the genre we’re looking for!

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