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Vishal naidu

Vishal Naidu

(Founder & Curator)

Vishal Naidu is foremost a music enthusiast, who enjoys and appreciates a wide plethora of music from classical Indian tunes to the most technical of death metal. An engineer by profession, his love for the technical underpinnings of music has resulted in him exploring the creation, recording and mastering aspects of music. His wide musical tastes has reflected in his compositions, which draws inspiration from nature and many walks of life.

Aditya Ramesh

Aditya Ramesh

(Co-founder & Curator)

Aditya Ramesh is a Musician whose musical tastes and knowledge encompass a wide variety of genres. An engineer by profession but a musician by heart, he strives to understand and appreciate the technical and creative aspects of the infinite world of music. His largely self-taught approach to most elements results in a unique and fresh perspective to his compositions and ideas.

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