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Queens of the Stone Age
Queens of the Stone Age
Queens of the Stone Age

A few QOTSA Songs Which Don’t get the Love They Deserve

In the 3 decades that they’ve been performing live, Queens of the Stone Age have done it all, it would seem. From writing meaty riffs to dancing tunes and being a household name in stoner rock-they are an establishment. Though the line-up changes and additions have been as iconic as they are shocking, they have emblazoned their legacy on the sludge desert sands across the world.

From Dave Grohl, Mark Lanegan, Nick Olivieri and Gene Trautmann, this band was to be regarded as a spin-off of the ultra-popular desert rock band Kyuss. What has followed are 8 studio albums, some of the best live concerts the genre has seen, and music craftsmanship that cannot be matched. Though we do consider them to be legends, here are some songs I feel don’t get the spotlight shone on them. No fault of their own, you can’t give people 10 or so awesome songs and hope that they recognize talent in them all. That is where nobody critics like me come in. Before a critic, I am a fan, though. Like Grohl screams in Song for the Dead, “Let’s Go!”

You have missed rock and roll history if you haven’t watched this.

The Bronze

Superfans know this as the bonus track from their debut album. Along with the tone and lyrics, the power lies in the tempo and undivided faith towards the riff to deliver. And it does. At 1:50, watch the gravy thicken and tell me that you don’t love that part. Go Homme, this is your playing field .

Do It Again

That signature high within the riff? Some songs do it much better than others. Though this album technically has 0 poor songs, this is one single I feel which gets overlooked for the kind of groove it has. The placement also makes a difference, sandwiched between Gonna Leave You and God is In The Radio. Hear yourself screaming “whoo” for that riff every time.

Tension Head

Rated R has to be one of their rawest deliveries after Songs for the Deaf. Here, this song delivers a funky riff with a base of rock-and you’re addicted. Though this album has back to back kickers, I see the streams for this being lesser. I won’t allow it, so go ahead and have a delicious change of opinion. Tell me if the part from 1:59 to the breakdown isn’t metal as hell. 

You Can’t Quit Me Baby

If you were sitting in your underwear, sad that Kyuss had broken up-this would be the cheer you up song I’d play. After you put on your pants, of course. The bassline is reminiscent of Welcome to Sky Valley and it gets as heavy as it gets long. Though Queens of the Stone Age had found a newer sound, you could confuse me with this one. 

Turnin On the Screw

I don’t blame people for forgetting this one. If this was followed by Sick, Sick, Sick-this wouldn’t stand a chance. However, if you’re a guitar player or drummer, you know how addictive that groove is. We’re at the same place, buddy. The higher register on the riff and odd time makes for a jamming favourite. Try it, you might get that Troy smile. Minus the swagger, though, you can’t compete with that level of suave. 

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE; LtoR Dave Grohl, Troy Van Leeuwen,Nick Oliveri, Josh Homme, Mark Lanegan (Photo by Hayley Madden/Redferns)

…Like Clockwork

The closing track on their 2013 album is a soulful ballad, belted out by none other than Josh Homme. Though they aren’t known for their acoustic or softer stuff, you must know there is nothing this band can’t play. In ways, it sounds like a Bond title track theme, and never fails to make me tear up. Now that I’ve admitted I have emotions, let’s move on to something heavier. 


We’re back to the debut album. This is one of those ascending riffs you’ll be singing, especially if you don’t know the lyrics. There is a meaty heaviness to it as much as there is finesse. You also get that dose of two string change riff mania that has always made the crowds go wild. An often overlooked track from a killer album.

Give the Mule What He Wants

Yes I get it. I don’t want to move past this album, because there is straight delivery of gold everyone forgets for whatever reason. Sure 3s and 7s and Little Sister has amazing riffs, but what about this one? An absolute delight to play on the guitar, this track is the energy equivalent of a bear on cocaine. Wait, isn’t that a movie?

Song For The Deaf

I’m breaking the rules a bit here. These are supposed to be overlooked or underrated songs, and this one has come back to the fore quite often. However, because of its non-radio friendly play length, this track has been ignored for its theme quite often. It has some great drumming from Grohl, sweet basslines and some of the best vocals that QOTSA has ever put out in an album. Give it the time it needs, and you’ll respect the dimensions it takes you to. 

Time & Place

Though it’s too early to say if this song is overlooked, the odd time on this track made it one of the catchiest in the album. Their latest release has been lauded for the return to raw energy and power, the instinctive rage that Queens of the Stone Age always held. Some grooves on this track make it work like a charm, from the Era Vulgaris days. Enjoy those crunchy tones you might never taste.

Fairweather Friends 

Stellar guitar tone and a superb breakdown sections in this song make it another favourite. The flowing melodies with hardcore splits make this a swinging, danceable track with amazing highlights. Watch out for when the chorus kind of sound explodes in your stereo speakers.

Into the Hollow

One of the best “slower” songs by Queens of the Stone Age, this song has some great melody lines that are tied together. The tones change to a melting butter tone, which comes together perfectly with Josh Homme’s voice. Something that becomes a ballad to enjoy. Listen to it for my sake, please.

So there you have it. 12 songs that are overlooked, some maybe not if you’re a superfan. Hope you find some gems within and enjoy their lesser streamed singles. All of them have the magic bean that make them 100% Queens of the Stone Age. From Homme’s writing to talented musicians that have graced this band-there’s no slowing down for this juggernaut in quite some time. Follow the tracks with each of the songs above and ask them where the magic comes from. I guess no one knows.

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