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Latest Audio Gear and Equipment for May 2023
Latest Audio Gear and Equipment for May 2023

Which are the Latest Audio Gear and Equipment for May 2023?

Take a tour of the latest gear released in May 2023. This month, manufacturers have unveiled a range of exciting products including moving heads, audio interfaces, mixers, plug-ins, studio furniture, and more. Here’s an overview of the new offerings:

Which are the Latest Audio Gear and Equipment for May 2023?

Quick List >
Stairville Infinite Pixel, Lights
RME Fireface UFX III, Audio Interface
Yamaha DM3 and DM3S, Mixers
Behringer Xenyx 502S and Xenyx 802S, Mixers
HIFIMAN Headphones
Universal Audio UAFX, Effects Pedals
Thomann Studio Tables, Furniture
UAD Native Plug-in Bundles
Vox AmPlug2 Brian May, Headphone Amp
IK Multimedia AXE I/O One, Audio Interface
SOMA Illuminator, Lighting Control
Latest Audio Gear and Equipment for May 2023

  1. Stairville Infinite Pixel: Stairville introduces three new moving heads suitable for various applications. The Stairville Infinite Pixel Mini 90 features a 3×3 matrix, allowing for custom creative effects even on small stages. The Stairville Infinite Pixel 250 offers a 5×5 matrix and 250 watts of light output, providing pre-programmed patterns and characters for impressive effects. For larger stages, the Stairville Infinite Pixel 360 offers infinite rotation in the pan and tilt planes, along with a powerful 360 watts of light output.
  2. RME Fireface UFX III: The RME Fireface UFX III is a high-end USB 3.0 audio interface with an impressive 94 inputs and outputs that can be used simultaneously. Alongside analog connections, it features AES, ADAT, and MADI connectivity. Known for their low-latency hardware and driver design, RME interfaces are renowned in the audio world, making them popular in top studios worldwide.
  3. Yamaha DM3 and DM3S: Yamaha presents the DM3 and DM3S, two new 16-channel digital mixers suitable for studio, streaming, and live applications. Despite their compact size, these mixers offer a comprehensive set of features, including 9 motorized faders, an 18×18 USB 2.0 audio interface, assignable buttons, DAW remote control, and 18 effects with a graphic EQ. The mixers are operated via 9″ touch displays and come with an editor app for tablets.
  4. Behringer Xenyx 502S and Xenyx 802S: Behringer introduces the 502S and 802S as the new entry-level models in the Xenyx mixer series. The 502S is a compact 5-channel analog mixer with a USB streaming interface, suitable for small setups. The 802S offers 8 channels, switchable 48V phantom power on both microphone channels, a 3-band EQ section on six channels, and an effect send. These mixers are ideal for space-constrained environments or portable live setups.
  5. HIFIMAN Headphones: HIFIMAN, a renowned high-end headphone brand, is back in stock. Their magnetostatic headphones, featuring an open-back design, offer exceptional technical specifications and deliver high-quality sound reproduction. The HIFIMAN SUNDARA Silver, for example, covers an impressive frequency range and provides detailed audio representation.
  6. Universal Audio UAFX Effects Pedals: Universal Audio introduces new guitar effects pedals in the UAFX series. The Galaxy ’74 Tape Echo Rev. emulates the classic mid-70s analog delay and reverb unit, while the Max Preamp & Dual Comp. replicates famous compressors and a tube preamp. The UAFX Del-Verb Ambience Compan. offers vintage reverb and delay effects. These pedals allow guitarists to achieve various iconic tones.
  7. Thomann Studio Tables: Thomann presents their new Studio Tables, designed for those who value a well-organized studio setup. These recording workstations, made of plastic-coated MDF board, feature headphone holders, rotatable monitor base plates, rack space, and pull-out keyboard shelves. Available in different sizes and finishes, these tables provide practical solutions for studio organization.
  8. UAD Native Plug-in Bundles: Universal Audio now offers UAD Native Bundles, allowing users to access their excellent plug-ins directly on their computers without the need for DSP hardware. The bundles include various plug-ins, ranging from instruments and effects to vintage emulations, providing a wide range of creative options.
  9. Vox AmPlug2 Brian May: The Vox AmPlug2 Brian May is a headphone amplifier that replicates Brian May’s signature VOX AC30 sound. It offers switchable treble boost, stereo delay, phaser, chorus effects, and built-in rhythm patterns for jamming. This headphone amp captures the essence of Brian May’s iconic tone.
  10. IK Multimedia AXE I/O One: Designed specifically for guitarists, the IK Multimedia AXE I/O One is a USB 2.0 audio interface. It features a Class-A microphone preamp with phantom power, a Z-Tone input for guitar or bass with impedance adjustment, PURE and JFET input stages, and an Amp Out output for easy reamping. This interface caters to the needs of guitar players.
  11. SOMA Illuminator: The SOMA Illuminator is an 8-channel converter that allows control of LEDs and LED strips using analog control voltages. This enables users to create their own light shows with modular systems or synthesizers featuring CV outputs. It’s a versatile tool for lighting control and offers exciting possibilities for visual effects.

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