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Proklaim Valley cover art
Proklaim Valley cover art
album art of Proklaim's Valley

Discover the Innovative Lyricism of Proklaim Through His Latest Release ‘Valley’

Proklaim is an artist who will take you on an adventurous journey with his vivid lyricism that is impactful and innovative. With 13 singles and an album under his belt, this artist has established himself among the masses through his razor-sharp bars and immersive flows. His hip-hop-driven rap tracks are sure to leave a mark on your mind and keep you on your toes. Each rap/trap lover is sure to find his tracks intriguing. His unique way of delivering emotions through music is what makes this artist stand out from the crowd. Do give this unique artist a go, you will surely love his tracks.

I recently came across this unique artist through his latest release named ‘Valley’, which is a perfect portrayal of his vast skills. The track packs a huge amount of energy that will make your heart skip several beats. The way he blends melodies with his bars is what had me hooked on this amazing artist right off the bat. In this track, Proklaim speaks about goals and how important goals in one’s life are. This is surely not an untouched subject but the way he expresses these profound emotions is what sets his track apart from the contemporary ones. Each beat is perfectly placed to create the perfect build-up for the climax.

Overall, this is an amazing track that will take you to a whole new level of understanding. From lyrics to production, this is an immaculate track that has some really unique features. This is a must-try! Do give it a spin. You can catch a little glimpse of the track down here-

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