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Haley Fishberger – Sweetheart | Deep Trip

Haley Fishberger is a singer-songwriter and a producer based in LA who found her flame for music in Miami. She is known for her tracks that are beyond expressions. Her tracks are mostly pop and the way she spins her music will mesmerize you sending you into a deep trip. She is truly an artist who can make several people connect with her and vibe to her tracks. She started her musical journey at a tender age of 14 through open mics and look how far she’s come. Her musicality and deep sense of lyricism is what differentiates her from the crowd.

I recently came across her latest release which is named ‘Sweetheart’ which is one of her best releases yet. The track is beautifully produced and structured to make the listener go nuts. She has got a power to hypnotize her audience and enchant them with her magical spells of musicality. Her music will take you higher than the Empire-State building with it’s intricate elements. The guitar riffs totally blew my mind and have been playing in my mind on repeat since I’ve heard the track. The bass line is so ecstatic that you will fall in love with the track instantly. I really love how she constructed such and amazing drop which is unusual yet feels so appropriate and in place. This is surely a track that yoy would love to listen to. Do give it a go and trust me you will not regret it!

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