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Maya Salafia – Everlasting | Stumbling into the past

Maya Salafia is a sixteen year old songwriter who pours her heart into her music. Maya Salafia released her first EP of originals at the tender age of thirteen and hasn’t stopped ever since. She worked with two time Boston Music Award winning, Grammy nominated and platinum selling producer Malik Williams on her single “First Grade,” and award winning, gold and platinum selling producer Brad Young on her latest release, “Everlasting.” Multi-instrumentalist Owen Korzec also provided production and arrangement for both songs. Her songs portray strong and deep emotions which can be considered way ahead of her age. She beautifully embeds her emotions into her music through her impactful lyrics.

She recently released her new single ‘Everlasting’ which is a an emotional rollercoaster that will make you weep and move with the music effortlessly at the same time. The mellow guitar melody makes your mind calm while your soul elevates by listening to the heartwarming lyrics. The way Maya Salafia puts her emotions into lyrics just blows my mind. This song will surely leave you craving for the first love of your life. The music caresses the lyrics and gently escalates into the perfect harmony called ‘Everlasting’. This is surely one of the most heartfelt song I have ever heard. The perfect mixture of acoustic and electric guitars enhances the overall feel of the track. The chorus is melodic and catchy, it instantly latches on to your head and keeps on playing on repeat every now and then. This is a song that you should listen to if you like songs filled with emotions.

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