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Modern Day Outlaw-Devilscorned
Modern Day Outlaw-Devilscorned
Modern Day Outlaw-Devilscorned

Modern Day Outlaw bring melody to metal with their latest single, “Devilscorned”

Modern Day Outlaw represents an age of country metal. It is the marriage of two genres that always belonged together, conceptually. The core is the same, there is an emotional out pour and level of specificity both enjoy. This band is are the best at what they do, combining killer attacks and bullet train tempo rhythms to create some conscious melting music. This is their latest single, Devilscorned

Joining hands with Ewar Acosta, they open with an intro that amps up to their immensely fun and meaty riff. Like ‘tallica’s Sad But True, the impact is felt the moment the pick touches the strings. In no time, you’ll be headbanging to this monster jam. Peppered with all kinds of great ingredients, a guttural scream wakes you from this digital delusion you’ve been wrapped around with. Measuring equal levels of intensity and melodic outreach, Modern Day Outlaw know how to strike the hammer.

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It’s metal with soul

The result is a catchy single, something you’ll sing along to while headbanging. You’re reminded of Howard Jones’ voice, while carrying a superb flair that has been mastered over time. Chorus moments are the ones they build a bridge towards, having the soul and feel metal has lacked for some time. The breakdown is a Pantera style mosh fest-which you’re welcome to do even in the office. 

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You can listen to their single Broken Man, which brings the 80s-90s metal movement from its undertow. Their 2017 EP Day of Reckoning calls for a marathon, with enough friends for a wall of death. Follow Modern Day Outlaw for more intense metal like this, and remember to have the metal horns up while having a ball!:

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