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Copperstone – My Old Friend | Serene

Copperstone, an alternative/pop rock band from Pittsburgh, has released a stunning song called “My Old Friend“.  The song’s essence is the writing in particular. It starts out by describing the old days, and it’s very relaxing to listen to those wonderful lyrics that transport you back in time. There is a tiny shift in the second verse that I would like the listeners to feel. This particular section would undoubtedly linger in the minds of the listeners. Its touching moments were nonetheless portrayed in a favourable light, and the narrative finished on a bright tone. The vocal texture is also so calming and lovely to the ears that the song sounds so therapeutic. The listeners will be able to relax and completely enjoy it.

The song is presented in a realistic and simplistic manner. However, each instrument that contributes to the song’s arrangement has a specific hue. As the song progresses, the Guitar becomes the key element that will guide us on our journey, while the Piano takes centre stage as the song concludes. The transitions from one part to the next are deliciously smooth throughout, and there is plenty of headroom for each element to make an impression. As the song progressed, this would certainly keep all of us captivated. I am confident that when more people listen to the song, they will fall in love with the composition and reflect on those special times in their lives. This would result in a unique connection with the song.

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