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The Dunwells – Tell Me What You Want | Serendipitous
The Dunwells – Tell Me What You Want | Serendipitous

The Dunwells – Tell Me What You Want | Serendipitous

The Dunwells are a successful Leeds based band of two phenomenal artists who together create folk / Americana tunes that are gaining love from music lovers around the globe. With amazing cordiality and fellowship, both the artists have found a comfort zone in their music. Therefore, whatever they create feels like magic. Their songs contain powerful vocals, and melodies that stir you to the core. They are excellently produced that making each and every track heartfelt. Their recent album called Tell Me What You Want will provide you with an almost serendipitous magic that you would fall in love with.

Tell Me What You Want features soulful hymns of love and matters of the heart. Each track is a fine number that would transpose you to another universe where you would feel free to daydream. The first song This is Love has an eccentrically charming chorus that is slightly fast-paced and will lift your spirits almost instantly. The first track introduces you to the storehouse of talent that the dunwells are. With amazing pace, energetic flow, and heartfelt lyrics, This is Love becomes an easily enjoyable number with so much goodness to offer.

The second track on the album called Temptation has to be one of my favourites because of its well-balanced nature. Even though the song is about the charm of initial attraction and infatuation, the melodies in the track give you a feel of a long-lasting love affair. You would want to listen to this track again and again and keep listening to it in order to cherish its richness to the fullest. The song has amazing lyrics which feel even more magical with the excellent vocals of the dunwells.

Tell Me What You Want is a fast-paced and groovy song with fine beats, excellent progression, and ethereal quality of making you joyful. The song feels great to the ears and offers a sense of release after the slow-paced hymns that came before. With some extra flavours and a charm that lingers long after you listen to the track, the track easily becomes the most luring and attractive number that you will get hooked to.

Tell Me What You Want is a stunning album with many flavours to offer. But one thing that remains constant throughout the album is the sheer quality of the Dunwells to make every song remarkably soft and memorable. You would notice that every track carries a heartfelt undertone and that is what makes the dunwell’s music so admirable and worthy of attention.  With excellent vocals, heart-touching lyrics, outstanding production, and remarkable execution, everything come to the surface in a beautiful way.

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