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Nicolaas Walle
Nicolaas Walle

Nicolaas Walle And Friends – Human Nature | Experiential

Human nature is no normal album. Two tracks in total, but nearly 30 minutes long in duration, it’s representative of what has long been thought of as a bygone era – progressive rock operatic projects. For what seemed to be an audaciously ambitious attempt alone, I couldn’t resist taking a listen. The Irish based multi instrumentalist has been working on this piece for the better part of a year. In his own words, “It [Human Nature] is my attempt to tell a story, in the style of great progressive rock giants such as yes, Rush or Genesis, and is also influenced by other artists such as Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre”

Nicolaas’s performance on this album extends across each facet of its development, production, and conception.  He wrote the lyrics, composed and performed all of the instrumentation (including guitar, bass, synthesizer and programmed drums) and soundscapes. He also recorded, mixed and mastered this project himself over the course of several lockdowns. Once again, another budding musician who used his time in isolation to craft and hone his art.

While Nicolaas does sing himself, the bulk of the vocal performances on the album features a female singer, KL, and a male narrator, both of whom had to record their performances remotely. Clearly, the project is a work that Nicolaas is very passionate about. Meticulously crafted, compiling a host of different sounds, and utilising lyrical depth unlike before, he’s truly given it his all here. “Who can tell me what I do not know/Who can tell me where I am/Who can tell me what I need to do” sings KL midway through the first part of Human Nature before a heavy electric guitar breakdown completely shifts the track into the next gear. It’s undeniably majestic.

There’s always something distinctive about a work of art that has the love of its maker imbibed into it. When you listen to Human Nature, it’s immediately obvious that this two part magnum opus of an album is Nicolaas’s dedication to his craft put to a beautiful multi instrumental, multivariate vocal performance, and creatively stitched journey of an album. To truly enjoy it, make sure to plug in your headphones to grasp every little minutia of the experience.

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