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Far West
Far West

Far West – Make It Up | Warm

Far West’s ‘Make It Up’ is a warm, fuzzy, and nostalgic mixture of sounds that take you back to summers of your youth with a style reminiscent of the more upbeat 1975 songs, Far West has crafted a soundscape that’s perfect for a road trip, a summer getaway, or a rooftop sundowner. The band describes the emotion behind it as “that feeling you get at the end of a coming of age movie”, and that descriptor couldn’t be more apt!

It’s got a overwhelming feeling too it, one that wraps you up as you listen to it. “Say nothing ever turns out wrong again/Yeah we started wrong, but we made it right”, it exudes happiness in a way few tracks do. An undying sense of optimism, ‘Make It Up’ is the reassurance you need on a down day. There’s no need for falsehoods, no need for negativity, no need for pessimism, the world is bound to turn around for you eventually.

An up tempo beat, a dreamy atmospheric background production, and spacey echoed vocals form the bulk of the song’ s style. There’s also a brilliant guitar solo towards the end. Its bedroom pop in style, but indie pop in nature, if that makes much sense. Combining the atmospheric and laidback feel of a bedroom pop song with the never say die up tempo feeling of an indie pop anthem, its a remarkable blend of the two styles.

If you’re feeling low, bump this track right now to change your outlook.

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