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Patrik Jean - Gravitate
Patrik Jean - Gravitate

Patrik Jean – Gravitate | Anthemic

Swedish Singer and songwriter Patrik Jean has made himself a known name world over through his relatable and emotional pop, a pleasant and soulful voice, and defiant lyrics. With a Spotify discography that spans almost a decade of work, Patrik is a bona fide veteran now. Patrik Jean is far from a novice. With close to half a million monthly listeners on Spotify alone, and over 30 million total streams, he’s a seasoned campaigner for good reason.

After years of writing songs for other artists, Patrik began to release his most personal songs himself through his own label. With songs he penned on his own like ”Lean on Me” and ”Prosecco”, he amassed a loyal following.

His latest single, and the topic for this review, “Gravitate” is a playful summer anthem. Together with heavy bass driven production and a masterful usage of synths, it shows how his own sound has evolved. Truly, an ‘intergalactic’ journey. Patrik describes the song as “a tribute to that person you will always orbit around.” He notes, “With this song I went very conceptual and I let my mind run free with metaphors to describe that love you can’t stay away from.”

‘Gravitate’ is powerfully produced. It’s a yell at the top of your lungs club track that is reminiscent of the more emotive house music of the early 2010s. As someone who grew up on those sounds, Patrik’s latest track brought about overwhelming feelings of nostalgia to me. “Even when we need some space, I still gravitate towards you babe”. It’s dance pop done right.

If you haven’t heard of Patrik by now, what are you waiting for?

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