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Jack Tiernan
Jack Tiernan

Jack Tiernan – Insecure | Understated

“I would have always been sports, sports, sports.” Jack Tiernan never thought he’d find himself as a musician. But, in the midst of the first lengthy lackdown, the 18 year old who hails from the small town of Bealnamulla, Athlone decided to be honest with himself. And so, he embarked on a journey to be a songwriter. Tiernan’s music is inspired by his own personal doubts with himself. His continued emphasis on sports, over what he saw deep down as a more pronounced interest in music, was eating at him.

“Insecure” is exactly what you’d expect it to be about after reading that first paragraph. His newest song sees him bridge his worlds and achieve that honesty with himself that he yearned for. Insecure is about Tiernan bemoaning that his beloved has found a new lover who he feels is just better than he is. He sings achingly and distraught in the chorus, with a note of resigned acceptance, “He’s everything you’ve ever wanted, everything you’ve dreamed of, I’m a little insecure.”

Tiernan’s greatest asset is his ability to craft hooks that are effortlessly addictive. I’m glad the singer-songwriter has found his calling as early as he did. His voice is perfectly suited for the genre, but Tiernan’s ability isn’t just restricted to his delivery of lyrics, it’s the way he pens them down as well.

Look forward to more catchy, heartfelt, and impactful gems from this up and coming singer-songwriter from Ireland.

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