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Archiator – Tablou | Sensory

“Tablou” is one man roleplaying as a working musician during a pandemic, making sensory music pieces for film and television. Archiator, the moniker adopted by a music obsessed thirty-something wishing to leave something meaningful behind.

I understand that it isn’t up to me to decide if my music is important or not, But it maybe all I have to offer the world. That is as scary as it is satisfying.”

Instrumental pieces always intrigue me. They have the potential to blow you away or leave you entirely uninspired. When they’re done the former way, they create entire landscapes, geographies, that you can vividly envision purely off the sounds. Tablou is one such album. It’s a myriad of instruments and harmonies that are seamlessly composed to create animated soundscapes. It’s a full body auditory experience, one that even transcends into a visual one if you choose to let it take you where it may.

On the opening track, ‘What Are We Doing Here’, Archiator leads with the keys to create a cinematic and inspiring piece. The song’s final section which almost feels like a pitter patter of rain through an up and down array of tiny subtle beats is majestic. ‘Tell Me A Story’ feels like the name — a song that seems perfectly appropriate for a journey, to accompany a montage in a movie where the characters embark on a lengthy voyage or expedition. The acoustic guitar makes this tune particularly pleasurable.

‘Comedy Minus Time’, a name that seems inexplicable with sounds that are equally far out. Beginning with an orchestral, symphonic, and suspenseful opening, the song slowly progresses to a beautiful violin (or cello?) mid section before a very modern beat begins to kick in. Right when the crescendo seems to be around the corner, the tune tapers off to a beautifully subtle piano closure.

But my personal favourites on the album come towards the end. The penultimate track, Indus, begins with an understated, repetitive, and addictive guitar tune. The tune carries for around two minutes while a host of other instruments play in the background before the tune changes entirely, while maintaining the same pattern of play. It’s simultaneously uncomfortable and reassuring. ‘Sunday’ is what you’d expect — a pleasurable guitar driven track that seems best to play in as you laze about your Sunday mornings. It’s worth nothing the abruptness of this piece, Archiator constantly cutting back and forth with his strumming to create a feeling that keeps you on the top of your toes.

I’m a huge fan of instrumental music done right and Archiator’s ‘Tablou’ is an example of sensational talent, masterful composition, and exceptionally pleasurable listening. The full album comes out on the 2nd of July, be sure to check it out then!

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