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David Buckley
David Buckley

David G Buckley – Boomshot | Lively

The Irish singer based in Italy, David Buckley, has just released an exciting, energetic, and anthemic single “Boomshot”. The track, which incorporates a shout at the top of your lungs sing along chorus, is a jolt of energy on a gloomy day. A folk based track, its powerfully loud and excessive volume makes it stand out from the rest of the field.

“It was such a bright song – I need to add some shades to this,” Buckley says of how he felt writing the song. “It’s a song which I hope people will get stuck in their heads, and enjoy at face value. But if they look deeper, they’ll find it’s maybe not as pretty as it sounds.”

On the outset, Boomshot is a pop positive tune. But on closer listen, the lyrics reveal a more darker theme. Buckley explains, “It’s about two people. The one in the chorus is being really negative, and the one in the verse is trying to pull them out. They’ve had enough!”

I need a boomshot, I really need a boomshot ” screams Buckley in the chorus. The intonation immediately shifts in the verse, where Buckley adopts a more nuanced and contemplative lyrical style to convince the other individual in the song to get away from the negativity he drapes himself in.

But Boomshot remains an addictive dance pop song. With clear folk and indie rock influences, this may seem immediately confusing, but Buckley’s ability to take that and transform it into a song with clear mainstream viability is truly remarkable.

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