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OneNamedPeter – Twilight | Easy

Twilight is the blissful new single from OneNamedPeter that hopefully anticipates an equally blissful summer for 2021. A serene and atmospheric track lead by a emotive electric guitar, ‘Twilight’ combines elements of a rock ballad with the calmness of a dream pop piece. Peter’s voice is particularly noteworthy, an easy going slightly high pitched pleasantry that somehow goes perfect alongside the heavy metal ballad that his electric guitar creates.

On the song’s topic, Peter describes it as such:“I love midsummer, when it’s light in the UK till gone 10pm. Twilight seems to go on forever at this time of year, and there’s something magical about it”. Having visited the UK as a child, I distinctly remember being utterly bewildered at looking at the clock strike 9 while there was still sunny, albeit cloudy, skies around me. Right now, in the peak of midsummer around the summer solstice, it couldn’t be more fitting.

When the dark changes to light, when the day meets the night”, it’s a song about a feeling — one that’s catalysed by a unique geographical occurrence. “Twilight feels so right”. Having only experienced early sunsets for the majority of my life, the magical, almost spiritual divination that Peter bestows on twilight does seem strangely appropriate.

Overall, ‘Twilight’ is a mesmerizingly easy going listen. It’s a pleasant tune to play on a record player on a weekend, one that’s ideal to close a long day at work. Check it out on streaming platforms right now!

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