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Rich Chambers-I'm a Fool For Lovin' You
Rich Chambers-I'm a Fool For Lovin' You
Rich Chambers-I'm a Fool For Lovin' You

Rich Chambers-I’m a Fool For Lovin’ You |

Rich Chambers might be this generation’s Rick Springfield. His catchy music always has the best rhythms, and something about the lyrics put a smile on your face. It is a power and hold over music that very few people have, and thank God he put that talent in front of a mic. This is his latest swinging, grooving track called I’m a Fool for Lovin’ You.

I fell in love with his voice and Midas touch on music with his single, Summer Looks so Good On You. It was such a fun song, that I pumped out a paragraph more than necessary just on the track and how easy a listen it is. With this single, Rich Chambers seems to have capitalized on his secret sauce, making every song as memorable as it can get. From the lyrics to the danceable rhythm, you’ll hear your shower echo with the chorus of a song like this. His voice brings an Iggy Pop huskiness to it for this particular track, yet has a Springsteen ring to it. There is an aura around the songs that could make it blow up like Bryan Adams in the late 80s. Only thing, we aren’t in the Summer of 69.

You might have heard his popular track called Snow Miser vs. Heat Miser. The Beatles cover of I Saw Her Standing There garnered a lot of appreciation as well, for keeping the essence and bringing out his own voice and original sound. Rich Chambers is a bona fide rock star, but I’m no fool for loving him. Listen to his spectacular single here:

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