Stephen Springall – Midas Touch | Hoards/hordes

Stephen Springall’s debut release, a single entitled Midas Touch, is an interesting indie folk rock blend accommodating both folksy-Americana influences and the artist’s Irish roots. The song tackles the notion of class- and generational- differences, the driving forces of liberalism that encourage us to ‘climb’ and succeed. In faith to the original allegory, all ofContinue reading “Stephen Springall – Midas Touch | Hoards/hordes”

Joe Pope – Skipping Stones | Keep on keeping on

There’s a certain romantic imagery to skipping stones, always evocative of youthful exuberance and big dreams. Joe Pope channels this into a nostalgic folk-rock soundscape that reminisces on that blissful naiveté, introspecting on the ways we have matured in the face of adversity. Skipping Stones a gorgeous indie-acoustic track with soul and solemnity, one thatContinue reading “Joe Pope – Skipping Stones | Keep on keeping on”

Rafa Rico – Wonder | change?

Rafael Rico, or Rafa as he is affectionately known, is a Venezuelan singer-songwriter as well as a producer and composer who has had an illustrious career over ten years and has now returned with a new release after a hiatus. The latest track, Wonder, is an embodiment of the yearning and what-iffery that we allContinue reading “Rafa Rico – Wonder | change?”

Mark Houston – Deserve You | Disharmony

Deserve You is a mellow and gorgeous indie-folk acoustic piece, featuring soft guitar progressions and a lovely violin chorus. Mark Houston and his duet partner sing a dulcet down-tempo melodic song about commitment and loss. As a vocalist and guitarist, Mark is able to find a certain harmony in the track as he takes youContinue reading “Mark Houston – Deserve You | Disharmony”

O’Cuana – Momentum | Transient

Momentum is O’Cuana, or Irish singer-songwriter Liam Cooney‘s manifestation of his passion for the craft, a track about diving in headfirst and going where the flow takes you. It is reflective of his quick beginnings in the industry, where he has gone from songwriting to production just this year. Momentum is a passionate acoustic/alternative rockContinue reading “O’Cuana – Momentum | Transient”

Matthew Read – Bus Ride to Sevilla | Pleasantly Meditative

Matty Read is a UK-based singer-songwriter, and has released his first extended collection of music earlier this month, entitled Little Walks. His track, Bus Ride to Sevilla is a genuinely ecstatic and optimistic track about stopping to smell the roses – the part of the journey that serves as a gentle pause between adventures asContinue reading “Matthew Read – Bus Ride to Sevilla | Pleasantly Meditative”

Matt Gombau – Cats & Butterflies | There are two wolves inside you

Cats & Butterflies is the first release from Belgian singer-songwriter Matt Gombau, and is an acoustic indie folk piece about the internal battle waged in us all. The cats and the butterflies are allegorical for our real and ideal versions of self, the constant fight between unbounded imagination that makes us dream and fantasise andContinue reading “Matt Gombau – Cats & Butterflies | There are two wolves inside you”

Fras McGovern – Tales of Head Trauma

Tales of Head Trauma is Scottish solo singer-songwriter Fras McGovern’s debut release. It is a track saturated with intensity, frenzying from meek and elegant to frantic and tempestuous. Its harrowing range provoked from dramatic piano and a powerful voice, this indie prog rock track is akin to an operatic Steven Wilson. McGovern creates a theatricalContinue reading “Fras McGovern – Tales of Head Trauma”

Josh Savage – Young Fools

Young fools is the teaser-single release from Berliner/UK singer-songwriter Josh Savage, a soft west-coast indie rock tribute to youthful bliss. Having attained a fresh lease on life on finding love, the name of the upcoming album this single from – another life – plays on the duality of reminiscence as well as renewal. The trackContinue reading “Josh Savage – Young Fools”

Robot Princess – Abject Terror

Abject Terror is self-proclaimed York City’s only rock band, Robot Princess’ latest single release, preluding the release of the album by the same name. Performed by two-fifths of the band, the song bears the conjectural haunting presence that Robot Princess is known for. It is an elegant indie rock track that uses its lyrical structureContinue reading “Robot Princess – Abject Terror”