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Snakedoctors – B Song (WW Remix)

Snakedoctors is a four piece band which took birth in Gdansk, Poland in May of 2020 when four friends came together to start and amazing musical project. Since then they have released eighteen singles and four albums which beautifully portrays their elite musical skills and their versatility. They have a vivid discography that shows vivid colors of life making them one of the artists that cover each areas of life ranging from the brightest to the darkest areas. They have a pretty amazing rhythmic sense that is ecstatically shared by each member of the band. You will surely fall in love with their mesmerizing approach towards music.

I recently came across their latest single release ‘B Song – WW Remix’ which is also a part of their double album, ‘Four And A Half’. This is a perfect track to start your day with and luckily that’s exactly when I discovered this track. The band has beautifully displayed their musical abilities through this track. Their ‘B Song – Part 1’ is also a great version which is enhanced by adding several electronic elements to the track. This is a trach which will have you air-drumming throughout the track. The vocals are magically intertwined into the music to make this track one of the best sounding track of the album. The electronic touch to the music creates a whole different vibe that elevates the mind, body and soul. The lyrics will melt your heart away and the growly delivery will touch your heart on so many different levels.

Do give this track a listen to experience an ecstatic, hypnotic feel. Listen to ‘B WW Remix’ Song by Snakedoctors here-

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