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Cabin Fever - Laughing In Slow Motion cover art
Cabin Fever - Laughing In Slow Motion cover art

Laughing In Slow Motion – Cabin Fever

Laughing In Slow Motion is a four piece band which is known for it’s neck breaking track that will compel you to bang your head hard. This band will take you to a whole new level of groove with their tracks. I was really thrilled to discover such an amazing project that brings everything they’ve got, to the table when it comes to musicality, instrumentation and lyricism. This is surely a band that you will really enjoy if you’re into rock music that is impactful and innovative at the same time. The band is not only all about impactful head-bangers which was clarified by their latest track which is a perfect example of their versatility.

This band recently released their first single this year which is named ‘Cabin Fever‘. This track is a chill one which is full of groovy guitars and deep melodies. I was really carried away by the hardcore drumming that had me air-drumming throughout the track. The track starts off with a gradually increasing guitar tab where the vocals slowly emerge creating an everlasting vibe. The drums enter with the vocals and acts as the backbone of the track. The vocals are crystal clear and surely packed with the emotions that the track conveys. The bass-line is catchy and gives a certain depth to the track. This is surely one of my best finds yet. You should surely give this track a go if you appreciate some intricate musicality weaved with some ecstatic vocals. You can catch a little glimpse of Cabin Fever by Laughing In Slow Motion down here-

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