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DOVE-i and Rioux V – The Revolution (Radio Edit)

DOVE-i is a Persian musical collective that aims to bring together various artist to create a whole vibe for their listeners. The have a discography that will enchant any one who gives it a shot. This is surely like an addictive drug that gets into your system and changes your whole life up. The power that they pack in their tracks is so outstanding that you will get lost in their deep musicality. Surely this collective is soon making it big and I just can’t wait for the day when I see them shining! I know it is not at all far away.

I came across this exquisite collective through their latest release which is named ‘The Revolution’ . This is a track that will fill you up with motivation and love for these amazing artists. You are surely gonna get blown away with their ecstatic tracks which are surely going to leave an impression in your head. The way they have spun this track into such a masterpiece is remarkable. You can just can’t get out of their grasps once the song starts playing. Do give this track a go and trust me this will surely be worth it. The lyrics of the track is beautifully written and elegantly executed. This track is surely going up on my personal playlist and stay there for at least a month. “THE REVOLUTION’S HERE”

You can catch a little glimpse of ‘The Revolution (Radio Edit)’ by DOVE-i and Rioux V if you like.-

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