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Meraki Trice – B1nary 111 (EP)

Meraki Trice is a Southern-born singer-songwriter who is known for his deep and vivid musicality. His tracks are bewitchingly hypnotic and bound to take the listeners to a different dimension. Meraki Trice writes and creates music to cope up with reality which can be easily be understood through his tracks. This is one of those artists who relentlessly project vast, deep and intense feelings through their music. His lyrics are deep and touching. The way he executes his vocals makes his tracks a wonder. His discography is a vivid display of feelings, put forth through 1 full length album, 2 singles and an EP.

I came across one of Meraki Trice’s tracks ‘Collectivo’ which is a piece of art, after which I discovered that it is a part of an EP. The EP is called ‘B1nary 111’ and it takes emo-pop to a whole another level of expressiveness. The EP has 5 tracks in total and each of them is a piece of spectacular art. The EP starts off at a slow pace and gently picks up pace towards the end.

Track One- The first track of the EP is ‘MR.J’ which is the Intro to the EP. This track starts with soothing keys and is perfectly complimented by soothing and flowy vocals that digs deep into the skin touching the parts of the untouched hearts.

Track Two- The second track in the EP is ‘Toxic Values’ which is a melodic dark Hip-Hop track that is bound to make you groove while you fall into a deeper consciousness of self awareness. The melodies are deep and intense, perfectly going hand in hand with the lyrics and vocals. The hi hat patterns just blow my mind every single time. The artist’s musicality is deep and is beautifully displayed through this track. The melodic vocals is what makes this track so special and stand out in the whole EP.

Track Three- The third track of the EP is ‘SasuNaru’ which is the only track in the EP which has a feature. The track features TommyPapi which makes it one of the most powerful track of the EP. The lyrics are deeper than they seem and have several hidden meanings that are left for the audience to interpret. There are several surprising musical elements that sets the vibe of the track and makes it one of the most musically sound tracks of the decade.

Track Four- The fourth track of the EP is ‘Collectivo’ which was the first track that I came across from the EP. The track becomes even more deeper when you listen it with the other tracks of the EP. This track perfectly demonstrates the power of silence. The track flows with elegance through grand piano keys and heart felt, warm vocals.

Track Five- The fifth track of the EP is the outro and is called ‘Sneak A Peek’ which is beautifully structured to leave the listeners begging for more towards the end of the track.

The EP, ‘B1nary 111’ by Meraki Trice is a must listen for anyone who enjoys deep and intense feels in their music. Give it a listen here-

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