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Radical West – One Year Later | Treat to Music Enthusiasts

Radical West have released their new album, ‘One Year Later,’ which is jam-packed with musical variety. In addition, the tunes are supported by great writing. Each track tells a tale in itself, transporting us to other worlds via the use of modulations, intensified rhythms, and out-of-the-ordinary arrangements. The album opens with the title tune, “One Year Later,” which sets the tone for the rest of the album. The chord changes, powerful rhythmic patterns, lively tone, and tempting guitar licks all represent the compositions’ significant inspirations of top RnB music. We also listen to a fantastic piano solo that flawlessly transitions across modes. Throughout the song, there are intriguing motions that keep us captivated to the tune.

From the first moment, ‘Around My Head‘ hits you hard. The chorus is the highlight of the song, and it plays after the song has ended. The arrangement’s funky character is now the centre of attention. The drums bring attention to the right parts of the song, which sounds brilliant. The vocal performance was intense enough to match the fury of the drum punches, which is impressive. The following tune, ‘Reaction,’ has a pretty nice atmosphere that glides easily between sections. There are so many remarkable production aspects that have been well-integrated into the spaces. The counter fills by the guitar licks sound fantastic, and they’re stretched into a solo that keeps your attention until the very last second. It’s absolutely gorgeous to hear such vibrant chords underlining the divisions.

The bass in ‘New Ordinary‘ provides a little more bounce to the incredibly tight groove. I particularly liked the writing, which leaves enough of room for the melody to shine. The progression surprises us in the chorus, and it distinguishes the section from the others. Despite the various parts flowing in tandem, the entire sound space is so perfectly consolidated and got the necessary clarity. ‘Runaway,’ the next song, begins with ear-pleasing textures and sounds. The structure is magnificent, and it truly takes us to another world. The band’s versatility is also reflected in their songs. The guitars are silky smooth, and the voices contribute to the track’s emotional richness. The song has a pretty great arc and dynamics that truly touch right in the core when we witness the lovely guitar solo. ‘Shed Your Skin,’ on the other hand, begins with strong guitar assaults. I particularly liked the rhythmic nature of the vocals in the arrangement, which fills the space well while still allowing the space to shine. Furthermore, the combination of all of these layers creates an interesting groove. We cannot cease nodding our heads and tapping our feet to the beat.

The enticing radio effects open ‘The Other Side’. This piece’s lyrics struck a chord with me. It has a lot of warmth and compassion in it. The rhythm maintains the atmosphere light and welcoming. These songs’ mixes are also quite well done, bringing a great deal of clarity and depth to each instrument. The following song, ‘Broken Glass,’ has a captivating ambience that pulls you up with a pleasant mood. The vocal texture was also perfect for the song. The vocal harmonies have a strong impact and are crucial in infusing emotion into the composition. I really like listening to the tune; it certainly gets you moving, and the lovely vibe truly helps you appreciate the space. ‘By Myself‘ is a lively and energetic song. I was completely enamoured with the song’s vibe. There are additional sections that brilliantly add to the song’s dynamics. These passages generate short pauses in the music, which keeps it fresh in our ears and gives it a lot of drive. 

Wherever You Will Be‘, which begins to these lovely vocal arrangements, brings the record to a close. We are exposed to Reggae music when the song enters the verse. This is a powerful conclusion to the record. The song adds a level of depth to our listening experience on the album. I’m blown away by the attention to detail in the arrangements, which keep you glued to your seat the entire time. Every time we listen to the record again, we discover something fresh and interesting. The numerous music influences mixed so efficiently and organically would delight the music connoisseur.

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