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Evin – Fears of Letting Go | Appealing Motif

Evin‘s recent song, ‘Fears of Letting Go,’ wonderfully captures and characterises the events in the relationship. The fragility of inner upheaval is beautifully represented in the writing, which is emphasised even more by the vocal performance’s expressiveness. The voice delivery is crucial in conveying the appropriate emotions. Although the arrangement is kept lively and energetic, the complicated point in the current condition of the relationship is coping with tremendous impulses. This significantly reduces and normalises the intensity, allowing for a greater number of listeners to be welcomed. We become more attracted to the music once we understand and pay attention to the lyrics, which is just fantastic. The arrangement’s atmospheric setting would appeal to new listeners.

The saxophone motif is memorable, and it serves to connect all of the song’s sections. The drums and bass are solid rock, with dynamics that fit the melodic line well. The cross part creates a sense of expectation that is perfectly resolved in the chorus. The guitar licks fill in the gaps beautifully and provide momentum to the piece. These layers sound quite intriguing when combined. There are a lot of great fun concepts that have been flawlessly blended into the arrangement. Our listening experience is greatly enhanced by the saxophone solo. The listeners will be enthralled by the space produced by these many aspects. Because of its innovative format, the music evolves over time and keeps listeners engaged for longer.

Evin also talked about his experience with the new song and how he went about creating it.

1. The hook is extremely appealing. I’m curious as to where the song’s inspiration came from. Could you tell us a little about the track’s origins?

I’m so glad that you enjoyed the hook from “Fears of Letting Go”. I started taking songwriting seriously about a year ago – right about when I wrote the lyrics to this song actually. Since then, I have definitely found that I much prefer writing hooks over verses!

Coming back to “Fears of Letting Go”, while I was writing the melodies and lyrics to this song, I looked to some of my greatest influences for direction.

I found that combining soulful, emotive melodies – reminiscent of George Micheal or Sade – alongside fast paced, rhythmic, lyrical flow – Charlie Puth or Justin Timerlake – gave the hook a positive yet nostalgic vibe.

The instrumental was actually written long before I began recording vocals on top. It was so different back then, it definitely would’ve been suitable in a soft, 90s R&B playlist!

The track was originally written for Hatty Keane, (London R&B Pop Artist) however, when that fell through the beat sat on my hard drive for a few months. When I began to warm up to the idea of starting my own artist project, I recalled this session and immediately began developing it into the song you can hear today!

2. Please tell us about your studio sessions. Such wonderful saxophone solos can be heard. Tell us how you put these lovely elements together.

Once I decided that I was taking this track to be my own, I began moulding it into the live, yet polished sound that you can hear today. I achieved this sound through splitting the composition in two – 50% samples, 50% live instrumentation!

For example, the drums and percussion are all programmed while I played the bass and guitar live.

The addition of the saxophone was an idea that kept creeping into the back of my mind! I brushed it off time after time again as I thought it would be cheesy or trashy. However, one day I was sat recording some guitar parts over the chorus and I began playing this one melody in a loop. It was so catchy and confident that I immediately recorded it but to my disappointment, when I listened back, the tone of the electric guitar just wasn’t a vibe. I closed the session and throughout the rest of that evening I slowly began to accept the fact that there was only one instrument that would do this melody justice! The next morning I called up my close friend Nacho Stax – an incredibly soulful saxophone player. He came down to the studio, I played him the parts and he loved the vibe, we began recording – the rest is history!

3. How do you approach the songwriting process in general? Is it something that came to you naturally, or did you have any creative difficulties when writing this song?

This whole songwriting thing is very new to me. I spent the last four years of my music career producing and developing artists so when I was faced with the challenge of writing my own lyrics I really had no idea where to begin!

It took me weeks to put the lyrical content together for “Fears of Letting Go”, I’m not going to lie, it was a struggle! However, now that it’s finished and released, I’m very proud to call it the first song I ever truly wrote.

When I now reflect upon the past year that I spent writing for forthcoming releases, I can clearly see that my process – with regards to songwriting – is directly inspired and fueled by my approach in production. For example, I would find it very difficult to write a song by just sitting at a piano, however if I were to record a piano part, fit a drum grove underneath and slot in a bass line with possibly a few backing vocals, that would definitely inspire some lyrics!

I have found that this process is highly efficient for me, the song almost instantly takes on a mood or genre as I am producing the track which in turn, inspires the topline. In saying this, I’m also looking forward to seeing how my songwriting process evolves and changes as I become a more established and confident writer.

4. Is there anything special you’d want to mention about the song?

“Fears of Letting Go” is particularly special to me, not only because it was the first song that I wrote but because of the story it tells. I wouldn’t want to impose a connotation onto the listener by explaining what that song means to me, I would want everyone who listens to interpret and relate to “Fears of Letting Go” in their own unique way. However, just lightly touching on the narrative, I wanted this song to be an anthem for the listeners morning, a song which sets the mood as you head out to face the day!

It assures the listener that life is made of ups and downs, without the low points you would never truly appreciate the highs!

5. What can we anticipate from you next? Do you have any interesting insights about your upcoming releases that you may share with us?

As I previously mentioned, the past years have seen much development within the production side of my career however, in mid 2021, I promised myself that 2022 will be the year that I make time for myself! So you’ll be happy to know you’re going to be hearing a lot more from me as an artist over the coming weeks and months! “Fears of Letting Go” is the first single off of my debut EP which is entitled “Good Morning World”. This is a handful of feel good songs that I have put together over the past six months alongside a number of incredible talents based here in London. Armed with this body of work, it is my ambition to establish a compelling and unmistakable presence for myself in the “up and coming” scene in London.

Until the release of my next single, you can enjoy all of the alternative versions of “Fears of Letting Go” I’m going to be releasing through my socials over the coming weeks with something very special planned for valentines day…

Finally, I have to say a huge thank you to Sinusoidal for having me. It has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate together on this interview and I truly look forward to working with these guys again in the very near future!

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