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Loucas Bretz - Hotel Melody
Loucas Bretz - Hotel Melody

Loucas Bretz – Hotel Melody

Loucas Bretz is a keen observer of musicality. The Luxembourg-based artist and producer crafts beautiful pieces of dynamic instrumentation that reveal the contents of his mind. Each score is an emotional mosaic that reveres and romanticizes its theme, be it the swindling whimsy of the Autumn Leaves or the enchanting sprays of Golden Skies. In his new single, Hotel Melody, Loucas Bretz dabbles in the abstract. Leveraging styles like funk, rock, jazz, soul, and blues, he uses their flexibility to take the mind to fantastic places. 

Hotel Melody is structured for a chill ambience. With a definite beat cycle, the groovy guitar melodies branch intuitively across the soundscape. Their gleaming edges flash with molten texture that melts into the levitating drops of synths. The silver gloom of the bassline snakes through the hospitable texture of the guitar. And in the bridge, an acoustic piano feature develops into gushing grunge melodies. 

The artist has an elegant style. It is apparent in his soundscape development, a dynamic roll of melodies seamlessly adapting and fitting into the next frame. His contemporary minimalism makes his work more delectable. Bretz adopts the organic fervor of the melodies, making allowances for both their magic and imperfections. 

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