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Bradley Copper Kettle & Friends - Sleeve
Bradley Copper Kettle & Friends - Sleeve
Bradley Copper Kettle & Friends - Sleeve

Bradley Copper Kettle & Friends – Sleeve

A gritty, energetic, yet soulful composition, the latest single by Bradley Copper Kettle & Friends, Sleeve, is undoubtedly a song where you find the best of almost every musician who is a part of it. Based out of Massachusetts, the United States, Bradley Copper Kettle & Friends is a quartet comprising guitar player Brad Swenson, flautist and guitar player Corey Zwart, along with Justin Harradon on drums, Andrew Desharnais on bass, and Leeroy Brown on keyboards. Besides their instrumental responsibilities, every member participates as a vocalist, and together, the four highly talented musicians bring a fresh new sound through their music while keeping the classic roots of folk and rock music alive!

Through the song Sleeve, Bradley Copper Kettle & Friends spread motivation through the music and lyrics alike, giving the track a calming vibe that pleases the soul and freshens the mind to a great extent, and one will instantly be able to hum along with the song due to the utter simplicity of the composition, and the melody is soothing, catchy, and draws you in to groove along.

Besides the song’s beautiful verse and chorus sections, there are occasional surprises, especially during the instrumental jam section in the middle. The flute starts off the jam with a beautiful set of melodies, leading up to the keyboards that add the element of spice with the flawless lines, after which the guitars conclude the jam with some of the finest and most amazing licks, thereby, firing up the track even more before coming to an end finally.

So, if you are keen on experiencing some fresh, modern, old-school rock music, then Sleeve is the song you should definitely check out. Listen to this track here:

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