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Joyce Martens' Perfect
Joyce Martens' Perfect
Joyce Martens - Perfect

Dutch Singer-Songwriter Joyce Martens’ Single, Perfect Is a Song That Puts a Smile on Your Face

The latest single by singer-songwriter and composer Joyce Martens, Perfect, is an example of how life takes different turns, sometimes almost magically. Hailing from the Netherlands, Joyce, a mother of two children and a part-time social worker, had no formal training in music, and neither did she think she would ever pursue it. However, during the pandemic, when the whole world was captive within the four walls of the home, she tried her hands at playing the ukulele, and soon after, when the world was back to normal, she began formal training in music. A couple of years later, Joyce recorded her debut single, which was her initial step into the music industry.

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Let’s see what the song has in store for the listeners!

Perfect, Joyce Marten’s latest single starts with a beautiful acoustic guitar that, along with the underlying melody, doubles up as a percussive effect due to the sheer technical and melodic brilliance of the guitar player, and that sets the groove of the song. The beautifully played drums and bass add a soothing touch to the groove with very minimalistic but tasteful playing, over which the guitar and the soul-pleasing voice of Joyce brighten up even more. Besides the heartwarming composition, the song is lyrically honest and very easily relatable to the listeners.

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So, if you are in search of a song that makes you instantly connect to it, Joyce Marten’s Perfect is the track you must check out. Listen to this beautiful song here:

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