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Amanda Emblem Experiment- power of one
Amanda Emblem Experiment- power of one

The Delightful Indie-Folk EP “Power of One” by Amanda Emblem Experiment

Presenting Amanda Emblem Experiment, an initiative by Amanda, a phenomenal singer, composer, and performer from the gorgeous Queensland village of Upper Kandanga. With a remarkable career spanning more than two decades, Amanda has performed on venues all around the world with legendary rock and blues artists like Kiss, Aerosmith, and Robert Cray, showcasing her amazing talents. Audiences are in amazement at her incredible works, which have won international awards. Particularly, Amanda’s musical talent even drew the attention of the popular TV series Neighbours, exhibiting her engaging songs to an even wider audience.

Amanda Emblem Experiment is now back with a new EP, “Power of One.” It’s a beautiful collection of five songs that represent the essence of her artistic journey.

The EP’s title track, “Power of One,” is a calming song. The music has the amazing power to wrap you in a warm embrace whenever you need it. The inclusion of the flute and guitar adds a touch of magic that seems almost too good to be true. The synths, the melodies, and Amanda’s expressive vocals connect deeply. The music builds to a spectacular climax as it goes along. It’s an angelic folk song that made my heart happy. Listening to this song is like going for a peaceful walk through nature, with each note bringing you closer to inner peace.

“Empty House” is an arresting song that will have you swaying in your seat from the first chords. With its tempting guitar riffs, clean vocals, and irresistible drum beats, it is an irresistible song. It combines elements of folk and a touch of funk, and no surprises here, you will have the urge to groove along. The acoustic chords give a solid basis, while an amusing whistle lends a bit of whimsy to the composition. “Empty House”  song took me by surprise at every turn and transported me back to a retro period filled with nostalgic vibes.

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“Hang Your Hat” takes an unexpected turn, capturing the very spirit of country music. The tune is exquisitely created, with pleasant keystrokes that resonate like the first breath of spring. Amanda’s voice, along with with the guitar work, expresses real joy. This song’s nostalgic vibes transported me back to a carefree era. The harmonica enhances the song’s bliss further. “Hang Your Hat” had me fascinated from the first listen, as it simply reminded me that life can be simple and at ease. You could find yourself snapping your fingers or singing along when listening to this tune. It’s difficult to pick a favorite, but “Hang Your Hat” has so far won my heart.

“Mitchell Creek Blues” begins with a tempting hint of an uplifting tune and stays true to its word throughout. This is the kind of song I’d listen to when I’m feeling down and out. I really liked the whole mood it offered. A lively chorus and raw, powerful male vocals accompany the electric guitar and drum work taking up the stage. The end result is a top-notch blues rock tune that goes deep into your soul. The energy is so infectious that you will be moving and singing along to the hook line “Mitchel Creek Blues” in no time. Oh, and the guitar solos! They are a true work of art.

The delightful EP comes to a close with “Empty House (Acoustic.)” The vocals take center stage in this stripped-down rendition, shining brightly throughout the entire track. The simple instrumentation, made up of steady guitar and drum work, is the perfect accompaniment to the truly amazing vocals. It slowly brings you into a state of peace and ease after the bouncy rock and roll vibes of the previous song. This particular track showcases Amanda’s vocal brilliance. Treat indeed. 

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Enjoy listening to “Power of One” by Amanda Emblem Experiment here.

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