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Rammstein’s Fiery Frontman Accused of Mixing More Than Music: Till Lindemann Allegedly Spikes Fan’s Drink, Band Calls It a Burning Lie

Rammstein has issued a statement refuting allegations made against their lead singer, Till Lindemann, regarding an incident at a concert pre-party in Vilnius, Lithuania. The controversy started when a Reddit user named Shelby69666 posted a now-deleted message on the Rammstein subreddit, expressing anger towards the band. The post included a photo of a bruise on Shelby’s body with the caption “Spiked, no idea when this happened.” The moderators of the subreddit removed multiple threads related to the post due to their reliance on hearsay.

The following day, a Twitter account with the same username as the Reddit user, Shelby69666, shared further details about the alleged incident. According to Shelby, she messaged Aleena Makeeva, who allegedly handles the recruitment of women to stand in the front row at Rammstein concerts, in order to request access to the band’s concert afterparty in Vilnius. Makeeva reportedly responded positively and invited Shelby to a WhatsApp group. At the concert, Shelby claims that Joe Letz, a member of the Rammstein side project Lindemann, escorted her and a group of women to “Row 0.” Later, Letz extended an invitation to Shelby and others to attend a pre-party, where the band instructed them to leave their phones on a table and provided drinks.

Shelby alleges that after consuming two drinks at the pre-party, Letz informed her that Lindemann wanted to meet her under the stage during the DJ interlude. When Shelby asked if this meeting was of a sexual nature, Letz allegedly assured her it was not and described Lindemann as a “perfect gentleman.” According to Shelby, Lindemann briefly appeared at the pre-party, shared tequila shots with some of the women, smashed the glasses, and then left.

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Shelby claims that although she did not consume any more drinks, she felt extremely intoxicated for the rest of the night. She vaguely recalls meeting Lindemann around 8 PM and informing him that she did not want to engage in sexual activity. She says Lindemann became angry in response to her refusal but emphasizes that she is not accusing him of rape.

Rammstein Dismisses Accusation

On May 28, Rammstein posted a statement in both German and English regarding the allegations. “With regard to the allegations circulating on the internet about Vilnius, we can rule out the possibility that what is being claimed took place in our environment.” “We are not aware of any official investigations into this matter.”

Shelby later uploaded a video on Twitter, where she claimed to have pleaded with local police to investigate her allegations, but they allegedly refused.

Rammstein, renowned for their provocative and controversial performances, is a German band known for their distinctive industrial metal sound. They have amassed a dedicated international fan base over the years. While the recent allegations against Till Lindemann have stirred significant attention, the band maintains their denial and asserts their lack of knowledge about any ongoing investigations. The situation remains contentious, sparking discussions among fans and the wider public.

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