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Groundstate-Perfect Timing
Groundstate-Perfect Timing
Groundstate-Perfect Timing

Groundstate shake the Earth with their intense single, “Perfect Timing”

Groundstate have an energy that cannot be manufactured. This is something that has to be born. A flood that crashes in when the gates open. Their rock sound has got them performances at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame for the Tri-C Rock Off. Following recognition and embalming that hardcore sound, they have progressed and spearheaded their movement at a blistering pace. This is their latest single, Perfect Timing. 

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Rock ripping the silence

The opening riff sounds like a classic metalcore approach. It resonates with the energy, as you’d want-while the lyrics take over. Aidan and Connor Smith know that every emotion will only be heard, so they make it seen with their execution as well. The chugging guitar shifts into a melodic flow for the chorus. You switch from Howard Jones era Killswitch to something that only Groundstate can define as their sound. It is incredible, powerful yet is the floor trap to what is the monster in the foundation. The bridge contains a great riff, almost cocooned between the chorus and bridge. After their 2019 album Collapse, they have moved to something that embraces both extremes. It is exciting to see in a new band-and something that will cement their name in history. 

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If you loved the riffs the brothers have used here, listen to Floating Away as well. It is a kick-ass track which shows them how their sound has evolved. Groundstate has channelled the vibrations to become an epicentre of rock, and they are doing justice to it. Carry your Richter scale and join the crew:

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