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Avresa’s Now Or Never
Avresa’s Now Or Never
Avresa - Now Or Never

Australian Singer-Songwriter Avresa’s Now Or Never Portrays the Battle of Silence and Ignorance in the Mind

If you are fond of songs that have a certain key concept behind the composition, then the latest single by Avresa, Now Or Never is a track that you must check out. Hailing from the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia, Avresa is a musician of numerous talents, such as a singer-songwriter, a prolific guitar player as well as a pianist. Putting these musical capabilities to productive work, Avresa creates independent music right in the comfort of his home, spanning multiple genres such as indie, punk, folk, and rock.

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A battle in the mind that we all go through in current times!

Now Or Never, Avresa’s latest single is simply amazing not only for its engaging and attractive musical composition but also from the perspective of lyrical concept. The lyrics of this song portray a battle between the ideas of speaking out with sheer honesty and observing silence in order to choose mental peace over confrontation with harsh or negative realities.

Starting off with a beat that drives the listeners along with its soaring melody, the song is musically very fulfilling and it gives more vibes as that of an anthem for this current age of uncertainty that the world is going through. The honest, raw lyricism, and the dynamic production of the song make it a track that is tough to ignore and as referring to the words of the song, ‘ignorance is not bliss’, because if you are a music lover, you must check it out.

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So get ready to enjoy what may give you the best listening experience of your life and check out Avresa’s latest single Now Or Never. You can listen to this track here:

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