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We Are Milk - Hey - Alt Mix
We Are Milk - Hey - Alt Mix

We Are Milk – Hey – Alt Mix | Psychedelia

We Are Milk is a Dark Psychedelia band based out in Europe, although originating from Los Angeles. The band crafts heavy soundscapes with soothing vocals that remind me of when people appreciated Psychedelia more. We Are Milk describes their sound as fuzzed-out, trippy guitar rock, that simmers, boils and frequently explodes. However, it is definitely a lot more than that. With the help of Fran Ashcroft (producer for Blur and The Dandy Warhols), the group has achieved, what they believe to be the most spot on result that they expected.

Coming off of the success of their first EP, We Are Milk, the group released an alt mix for Hey. Although the original mix was great on its own, I like the Alt Mix a tad more. The original sounds a lot cleaner, with a lot of elements filling up the spaces. I enjoy the vocal work, specifically how dark the texture is. The Alt Mix, certainly, gives me a better idea of the Dark Psychedelia sound We Are Milk strives for. I am in complete awe of this track, from the perfectly timed drum and bass section to the driving, trippy guitar work. Having spent most of my music years listening to Psychedelia, I don’t think I’ve heard a band just as good since the Golden Age.

Hey has everything you want in a psychedelic track – dreamy vocal work and the trippy noises to back it up. We Are Milk will definitely be making large strides in the years to come. Until then, you can stream their self-titled EP and a brilliant Alternative Mix for Hey.

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