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The NGHBRS - Dear, | Love Notes
The NGHBRS - Dear, | Love Notes

The NGHBRS – Dear, | Love Notes

The NGHBRS is known for its soulful and laid back music. Ryan Venezia, by putting his blood and sweat, has released his brand new EP. Ryan has been true to his style since the very beginning and this is precisely what his fans love about him. Moreover, with his recent EP called Dear,, he is gaining abundant love yet again. 

This EP, to put it plainly, is like a gust of cool wind on a warm sunny day. The moment you tap the play button, you are astounded by the flavours this EP brings to the surface. With five songs on the EP and each one having a distinct characteristic, you could easily play this on your long commutes to add a bit of charm. The beauty here lies in rich rock influences, acoustic undertones, soulful beats, and classic vocals that are ever so subtle. You feel transcended, at peace. Not only because the music is slightly laid back and warm, but also because the vocals feel magical to the ears. Each song stirs something beautiful. 

The five songs explore love, attraction, and heartbreak, in the most ethereal manner. You could find yourself relating to something or the other, simply because they have been written with love, sung with passion. Lyrics of each and every song present sentimental pictures of “what is” and “what could have been”. Love and Pain, both are felt, expressed. 

“Chance on You” is a song is that gorgeously speaks of attraction, first encounters, dilemma, and racing heart. This first track on the EP forms a great first impression. The second track called “Better for You” is a track that documents the feelings that come up halfway across the journey. Mixed feelings that are like ice cream with mixed flavours, feel bittersweet, joyful, confusing. Not many can express the ambiguity that lingers in this phase of epiphanies. Things might go downhill or might get even better. And this is what this track represents. Tracks like “Better Off” and “Last Letter” explore the melancholy of a wounded heart. Something that once felt beautiful disappeared off into nothingness. And to come to terms with that is an experience that these two tracks represent perfectly. Important is a track that narrates the phase when you accept things as they are, feel grateful for things that you can, but still something’s left out which ultimately form deep harmful crevices. Every track paints a unique picture for you to explore the colours of a rainbow that this feeling of love is. 

The music which simply is an amalgamation of rock, acoustic, and soul, is anything but simple. Ryan Venezia’s excellent skills as a producer, singer, and songwriter come to fruition in these tracks. With textures that linger for long and flavours that feel as fresh as freshly brewed coffee, you will fall for this one surely! Add this one to your “soulful” playlist for the softness of these tracks is something to marvel at.

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