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Karen Harding - Something Special | Soulful Hymn
Karen Harding - Something Special | Soulful Hymn

Karen Harding – Something Special | Soulful Hymn

Karen Harding, an English singer and songwriter known for her excellent vocals and soulful music, has released a fresh single that is stirring quite a wave of attention among her fans around the world.  

Something Special is a song that feels deeply personal because of its ethereal, almost spiritual tune. The song starts off with rhythmic vocals of Karen Harding that provide an extraordinary treat to the senses. As soon as the tunes kick in and trumpet’s gentle soft, highly measured, almost there sounds make the song retro in the best of ways. While Harding appears true to her style and sticks to the R&B influences, a lot about this song feels fresh. Firstly, the chorus, a very simple one I must add, feels extremely delicate. Only a singer as good as Karen Harding could sing a song that needs extreme precision as this one. Subtle improvisation and nuances that Harding has sprinkled here and there make this song an iconic track. 

Karen Harding, as always, will mesmerize you with her stunning vocal range and softness that complement the song’s flavours just perfectly. The music of Something Special is something that our acoustic lovers will fall for. The rich subtle rhythms, Harding’s gentle contributions, and minute textures in this song are something you will have to savour, slowly and patiently. 

Overall, this song, I must say, is a great listen. For those who like R&B, retro, and soulful music, Something Special is going to be a treat. It definitely has something new to offer. On your second or third listen, you will know exactly what I am talking about! 

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