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Yearlong - Playing Out | Upbeat Escape 
Yearlong - Playing Out | Upbeat Escape 

Yearlong – Playing Out | Upbeat Escape 

Yearlong, a UK based punk band has released their fresh single Playing Out, a power-packed groovy track. 

Playing Out is a track that feels great on a sluggish, boring day. With its rich punk influences, measured collaborative contributions of all 4 artists, and energy that never fades off, Playing Out can easily be a mood lifter. 

If you are fond of music that feels like a bit of everything. Playing Out is the go-to for you. The vocals, range, percussions, and electric guitar’s energy brings forth a thrill you might be looking for everywhere but couldn’t find. When the music starts to work its magic, you realize what exactly you love about this track. It’s the classic heavy rock undertones that steal the show altogether. The newness lies in the subtleties that you will notice in your second-third listen. Playing Out is a track that will grow on you like the taste of coffee. It has rich flavours to provide that you will witness slowly but surely. 

Moreover, you would find yourself smitten by the brilliant vocals that offer a separate dose of energy themselves. With music that’s upbeat, energetic vocals provide a perfect setting for you to groove and sway along. Nothing feels over the top. This is one of those tracks that you should listen to if you are not a big punk junkie. With its incredible textures, you might find yourself realizing the beauty of the punk genre. 

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