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Dax – The Devil’s Calling | Conscious

The Devil’s Calling” is a track from Dax’s hard-hitting 2021 album Pain Paints Paintings. Dax has been making waves in the hip-hop scene worldwide since 2017 and is best-known for releases like “Dear God”, “Dear Alcohol”, and “JOKER”. On “The Devil’s Calling”, Dax refers to several historical figures, including Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Harry Tubman, and Emmett Till, who fought for civil rights and equality. The lyrics address the struggle against evil forces and the devil, who is depicted as calling and trying to lead people astray. The record draws inspiration from biblical verses, with Isaiah 54:17 serving as a central reference.

Dax takes inspiration from these leaders and their bravery to encourage listeners to stand strong and resist the devil’s temptations. He raps about how the devil is calling people, and how people are trapped inside chains and jail cells. He emphasizes that the devil might win some battles, but he won’t win the war.

The song also touches on the issue of mental health and the dangers of addiction. Dax is warning the public not to glorify pop pills and substance abuse and to keep away from it. The singer also touches on the subject of fame and greed, and how the devil is often disguised as something desirable but ends up taking away people’s souls.

Throughout the song, Dax emphasizes the importance of keeping faith and not falling prey to the devil’s tricks. He speaks of his own journey of growth, from feeling lost and questioning God, to discovering his true purpose. He encourages people to pray and to trust that God sees all and will humble those who do not listen.

In conclusion, “The Devil’s Calling” is a thought-provoking and inspiring track that highlights Dax’s musical and lyrical talent. With its powerful message of hope and perseverance, the song is sure to connect with listeners and become a staple in the hip-hop genre.

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