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Natalie Clark - How High
Natalie Clark - How High
Natalie Clark - How High

Natalie Clark – How High

The latest single by Scottish-born singer-songwriter Natalie Clark, How High, is a beautiful song. Just one listen soothes your soul and gives you a fresh, new perspective on life. It makes you groove to the beats and uplifts your spirits simultaneously with the motivating lyrics and the melodic composition.

What does this track have to offer the listeners?

How High is a song that starts off directly with the vocals over a solid, groovy rhythm section that compliments the track and its vibe to a great extent. It primarily focuses on the ups and downs of life, where some choices feel very boring after a point and most of the time, we tend to give up and cease to look further. The lyrics are so uplifting that they make you realize that life is about changes and moving forward, and a pause results in the loss of time. So instead, what we must do is immediately think of the next thing that seems better than before and move on to achieve happiness and satisfaction by working hard for it.

The idea behind the song seemingly makes pretty good sense because when one full day and its time is gone, what is left to look forward to is only the day after, a new day that offers a new beginning. The underlying message of How High lies in its title, where in the chorus, the listener is asked, ‘How High you wanna go?’ Therefore, this song tries to impart to its listeners that, in the end, only you can bring a change in your life because the sky is the limit in anything you do, so just put your heart and soul into it!

We were lucky to get a chance to speak to Natalie about this extremely soul-satisfying, feel-good song, and she was kind enough to share some details about this beautiful track with us!

Let us see what Natalie has to say about How High!

1) Hello Natalie, first of all, the song How High is a beautiful composition! So would you like to take us through your musical influences in general or specifically for this song?

Thank you so much! My musical influences vary so much that I take inspiration from all kinds of music, from modern pop to Motown to legacy vocalists like Whitney Houston and Ella Fitzgerald! I love them all! I love songs with a great pop hook, and also I admire these incredible singers and how they deliver the message of the songs so beautifully!  

2) I would initially like to focus on the lyrics of How High as they are incredibly uplifting and motivating, so what was your idea behind the writing of the song?

Thank you! The song started with the chorus and the idea that there’s no limit to your potential! The song is an invitation to dream big!! The sky’s the limit, so aim high and go for it!

3) Now, coming to the composition, I loved the groove. It is very catchy. Especially the bass and the beats sound tight and fall in the right pockets to keep the listener hooked. So would you like to walk us through the compositional ideas and elements you’ve used in this song?

Thank you! We deliberately kept the production in the verses completely stripped back and simple since we thought this would be a good way to start so the chorus has more of an impact when it comes in! We wanted the listener to get hit with a wall of harmonies, and the beat, but also the horns add to that wall of sound too! 

A few more details about the beautiful song!

4) The vocals and harmonies sound so fresh and soul-pleasing that I am intrigued to know about the song’s recording process. Can you tell us how did you go about it?

Thank you, that means a lot! I really wanted the vocals in the chorus to have an impact and felt that layering a bunch of harmonies could give that instant feeling as soon as they come in! I wanted it to really hit the listener instantly and have a feel-good effect!

5) Is How High a single-person execution, or are other musicians involved in the process too?

I wrote the song and then worked with incredible producer Todd Spadafore who completely brought it to life! I absolutely love his production on this record and feel like he created it better than I could ever have imagined! 

6) The final question would be, what’s next? Are you planning on a new single, EP, or album release that you would like to share with fans?

This song is actually the first single from my EP, which I’ll be releasing later this year! I’m so excited about all this new music to come! I’ll be putting out more singles until the EP is out, and I can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on! 

Listen to this beautiful track here:

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