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Robby and The Secrets – Bones | Poetic Anthemic Psychedelic Rock

Robby and The Secret have come up with a scintillating new poetic single that just crawls and creeps up your body from your toes to your hair! If you think psychedelic rock is a dying genre. Then you are the kind that thinks this genre died down with Pink Floyd and is somehow being pushed forward by Tool into today’s world. The Secret are here to prove you wrong. Their music is the kind that you can lie down on the grass and stare into the sky or even get up and flow with the music. Calm yet fierce, the perfect combination of vocals and subtle instrumentals that just change the whole game.

The Secret is a collection of experienced musicians with their own individual sound. Rob Klerkx is on vocals, acoustic guitar and sometimes even the piano and drums. Ruard Sanders plays the guitar and Edwin Van Mook is on the keys.  Their music is influenced by stories and emotions associated with them. They are what you would call sonic weavers, weaving stories through their music.

In this single, you can see so much creativity and the individual talents of each and every artist stand out among the others. Its not as if any of them is masking the others, they all bask in their own light. The track starts off with a very beautiful introductory guitar solo that is reverberated out into another dimension. Just when the vocals come in, my forehead relaxes and I just lean back and close my eyes. Just amazing! What poetic beauty!

From the two-minute mark, the song just takes off with an electric guitar riser that just takes the song to a different level. The chorus where Robby just chants “I feel your love deep in my bones” with that shaker and rattler in the background just sends goosebumps all the way down my spine. The guitar work throughout the track is just impeccable with such a serene and psychedelic sound with poetic vocals. What really stands out are the shakers and rattlers that just turn up here and there in the track. Absolute ear candy!

The outro of the track is just too much. How can you even end a track so perfectly! The overall mix is just amazing. The vocals just sit exactly in the middle with the rest of the instruments just moving around like a slithering snake. This is one of the few tracks that just made me remember why I love my job and why I love this genre! Just BEAUTIFUL!

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