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Beccasmelodies-Make It
Beccasmelodies-Make It
Beccasmelodies-Make It

Beccasmelodies-Make It | The story begins

Beccasmelodies plays piano by ear. For laymen like you and me, this wouldn’t matter, but it greatly impacts your composition. Trying new tunes and tones, sounds and characteristics is the advantage. It is clear to say that after all the exposure to different genres Beccasmelodies has got, she is finding a happy medium. Her happy medium, to be exact. This is her single, Make It.

1) This is your debut single, after having played music for the majority of your life. Does it depict everything you wanted in your first release?

I have been doing music for 4 years, but started producing about 2 years ago. So far, I have enjoyed exploring different music genres, connecting with other musicians and giving space to my creativity, which has led me to releasing  my first single “Make it”.

The great interest I had into jazz and lofi music, that I developed towards the end of 2021,  led me into creating my single. As a result, I composed “Make it” : an abstract melody that has a laidback and very chill vibe. I believe the song has everything I wanted in it, from originality to authenticity. 

It is true, as the artist has found a special cove where these genres intersect. It is a little bit of lo-fi and jazz, dwindling on the supposition that they are both expressive and belong together. While one is erratic, one sustains the rhythm and tempo that Beccasmelodies has used so efficiently in her music.

Finding music, the natural way

2) You talk about dissolving genre boundaries through music. What genres have you generally taken inspiration from?

My music journey helped me a lot to expand my knowledge on a variety of genres. Starting from rap and pop at the beginning of my journey which helped me connect with my amazing supporters, leading to blues, jazz, indie and pop.

Exploring them contributed me to blossom as an artist and being more open minded. Lately, jazz and indie are the genres I am most inspired by.

Being an indie artist, it is obvious to notice the fresh sounds and voices around you. Becca’s sounds are a natural dissonant shift away from many popular songs, and delves in deep musicality at moments, creating a tense, rich sound that is very unique.

Shifting and searching for new sounds

3) From rock to hip-hop, the piano is a versatile instrument which even you have chosen for your single. Are there other sounds you would like to experiment with?

Although piano is the first instrument that I got interested in, I have also been learning other instruments such as guitar and recently also drums. I’d like to include some electric guitar in my future songs. Experimenting is one of the things that I like doing the most. 

4) Any collaborations you would like to have? Artists and peers you would like to make music with?

I enjoy working with people who have my same drive and match with my vibe. I believe collaborating makes you gain new experiences, connections and learn new things about yourself. I’m looking forward to collaborating with Omar Apollo one day, an artist I relate to a lot and find inspirational.

From collaborating to learning new instruments, Beccasmelodies is all for creating a larger playing field, and experimenting with several styles. As a debut, she has put out something special and exciting and we hope to hear more from her, with her instrumentality and composition firing on all cylinders.

Soaking in the exposure

) What is next for Beccasmelodies? Do we have an album release on the horizon?

Looking back two years ago, I was more close minded in terms of music genres, and had no intention in releasing any songs because I feared to be judged by others. Today I can proudly say that I have released my first ever song and I am definitely planning on releasing another single.

This year I am planning to participate in more live events, gigs, and establish a firmer brand. Eventually I will release an album, but in the meantime I’d like you guys to stream my song “Make It” available on all music platforms.

We’ll be sure to enjoy this new tone and style from a fresh and inspiring artist, with a whole world of catalogues to get inspired from and create. Listen to her single here:

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