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Ty Thom-Bet On Myself
Ty Thom-Bet On Myself
Ty Thom-Bet On Myself

Ty Thom-Bet On Myself | Beyond reasonable doubt

Ty Thom makes sure he’s gliding on a smooth ride. His music has great production value, superb sound division, and lyrical intensity that is rare to hear. This is his latest single, Bet On Myself-a track about crafting confidence within the psyche of the human that he is. There is a lesson to learn here.

After the success of PHASES & FIRST DAY, we can create a whole roster of what Ty Thom has been involved in. He is proactive in recording and putting out new music, it seems regular now. His new single uses that unforgiving hardworking nature that Ty Thom has and puts it on trial. There are moments of doubt and uncertainty, and all you have is you. Bet On Myself uses that smooth jazz vibe with a solid trap spine to create a magnificent track.

You could easily recognize this artist with any group or collective as well. He has a strength of atmospheric reckoning, changing the air of the track that dominates. The contrast is that a relatively simple melody and sound is used as a beat and background. All that Ty Thom needs is the state of mind to lay the bars. The notes create a steel cage that he navigates like an expert artiste, and the minefield is laid out by him to watch the fireworks behind.

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