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Rekka, King Thayo – Light One Up | Reggae-Hop

Rapper, composer and songwriter Rekka released her first track of the year in collaboration with Trinidadian artist King Thayo recently. The about three-minute-long reggae hip-hop track called “Light One Up” features an eclectic mix of hard-hitting rusty beats, laid-back verses and impactful cadences. Known for their creative style of blending multiple genres to create their special sound, the artists go for a very chill, feel-good vibe on this release; the perfect song for a lazy sunday!

“Light One Up” begins with a retro beat progression with a nice electronic touch over which Rekka delivers a solid verse. “…either way by the end of the day, I’m gonna come back for more / Light one up for me”. What’s great about this track right off the bat are the upbeat rasta rhythms that keep it going. Combined with horns, some trippy synth samples and a bunch of lush vocal harmony, the artists sure seem know to know their way around complex, yet simple productions.

King Thayo fits right in with the instrumentation in the second verse, and has a slight African tone to his voice, very Marley-like but with a grungier undertone; a brilliantly beautiful vocal-tone! The carefree nature of the track is sure to make it resonate with hip-hop dances, the stoner crowd and definitely people who are just looking to take a chill-pill.

Rekka’s collaborative stance at making music is what keeps her going and sets her songs apart from the usual stuff on playlists nowadays. She kicked off her 2022 discography with a bang, and King Thayo adds the secret sauce to this production excellently.

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