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Aakash Rijia – Khwabo Ke Parde | Dreaming Soul

Aakash Rijia, a Mumbai-based music producer and composer with roots in Indian music and a keen sense of Western music, just released his new song ‘Khwabo Ke Parde,’ which is an exquisite delight to our ears. The song has so many excellent elements that it keeps us all humming along the entire time. The first thing that struck me was the freshness and sense of exploration, both of which contribute significantly to the desired ambiance for the listeners. As the song progresses, the lyrics are so upbeat that they will keep us in a pleasant frame of mind. The songwriting perfectly conveys the mood with such simplicity that listeners will find the song easy to follow.

The musical parts are written with a great deal of thought. The music has some highly intriguing synthetic soundscapes, which contribute to the song’s excellent atmospheric character. Furthermore, I believe the groove and bass had the proper punch to really keep the momentum going, which kept the song’s energy flowing. I was very enamoured with the Kick’s sound. The guitar passages were really quite fascinating to me. This one aspect of the arrangement creates a sense of excitement and enthusiasm in the listeners. The song is sung by Abdul Shaikh, who brought a lot of power to the piece and made a big impact with his performance. I’m sure the listeners will enjoy and appreciate the song as well.

Aakash Rijia also talks about his experience and the process of creating this song.

1. What’s the backstory to the song? How did the music or the notion occur to you?

This song stands special to me as it was composed while I was entering a new phase in my life, I was getting married. It was the dreamy and butterfly moment I experienced , which I tried to capture in this track.

2. The production is cutting-edge. What was the creative process like for the song’s creation?

Thank you. The soul theme of the track was Dreamy yet Upbeat. The track starts in an ambient space ( I love Reverbs ) and then picks up with pluses created with muted guitars and other short transients. There is an electric guitar and Piano stabs washed in reverb throughout  the track which gives space and depth to the soundscape. To make sure that the track does not sound too mellow and slow, I used punchy drums and a lot of synths in the Chorus. I created Dynamics in the track by carefully introducing and eliminating rhythmic elements at places. 

      The Drop / Hook-Melody of the track is an interesting story in itself. I had hit a Creative-block when I reached the Drop of the song. I didn’t want any Synth in the lead as I was already using it for my backings. So, I recorded my voice with random vowels and a melody , used my production skills to make it sound electronic and applied effects. To my surprise , everything sounded just right. And to give a human and organic element to it , I called my friend Lokesh Dadhich for the flutes and recorded counter melodies over it in the backing. It just glued very well.

3. Tell us about some of your recording experiences. Do you have a fascinating tale from the sessions that you’d like to share?

The initial melody was composed effortlessly on the piano but I was not happy with the chorus. However, things magically changed when I asked my singer-friend Abdul Shaikh to come over and help me out. The moment Abdul started humming and taking aalaps , I knew he was the one (for my song of-course) I  recorded his dummy Voice immediately . Eventually we came up with the final Chorus melody together. It felt just right and beautiful.

4. Is there anything specific you’d like to mention or emphasise about your new song?

For my song ‘Khwabo Ke Parde’ , I just can’t appreciate it enough  and thank my friend Soham Majumdar ,who penned the Lyrics. Finding good Lyrics was not a challenge for me as I had Soham onboard. The keyword  for the mood was “Dreamy” . I knew Soham was an amazing lyricist , but I was really mind-blown about how precisely he caught the mood and came up with some really Beautiful Thoughts. The words and ideas were flowing effortlessly from the start to end of the song. His words really inspired me to take the song forward and compose the ‘antra’ of the track.

5. What are your plans for the future with your releases? Is there anything special you’d like to look into, or are you planning any collaborations?

Well, I am working on the Reprise version of this track . I may shoot a studio version of it and revisit the music arrangements.

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