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Lakes – Say So | Connect to the Silences

Lakes recently released “Say So,” which is an extremely wonderful tune. The song sounds very fresh and full of positive energy. The songwriting brilliantly catches the moods and events, drawing your attention to the music right away. The pace is really gentle, and it gradually draws you into its own world. The voice delivery is so soothing that it genuinely relaxes you and makes you feel at ease in the space produced by the nice textures. The voice textures play an important role in embracing the music with such passion and pleasantness that it leaves a lasting impression after we’ve finished listening to it. Her expressions are so intense that they connect to the surroundings.

The soothing soundscapes are really mostly made up of powerful bass, which is very enticing. Furthermore, there are only a few parts that are set in such a way that each one has its own area to produce the desired impression. Each layer of the production is masterfully blended together, and the overall sound is quite consistent. The arpeggiated synth keeps the listener hooked till the very end of the piece. The mix is really well-balanced, and there was never a moment when we were disoriented by the cosmos of synth waves. Simply holding onto the beautiful sounding space would be both engaging and reassuring to the listeners. This would genuinely draw a large number of listeners from various genres and music fans from all over the world.

Lakes also talked about her experiences working on the track.

1. What was your approach to the track’s pace? It has such a deep affect on you and grows on you as you listen to it several times.

  • Thank you so much! I’m so glad to hear that. It definitely came from a very real and vulnerable place. As soon as I heard the track from the Domain the lyrics came to me very quickly! 

2. Could you tell us a little bit more about the song? What do you think the song’s origin is, and how did you go about continuing to write it? 

  • This song came from the feeling of being in a relationship and feeling alone, feeling like the other person isn’t treating you properly but won’t just let you go. 

3. Despite the fact that the production is based primarily on synths, it has a great deal of emotional depth. How did you come up with the tone? They’re all so well-matched. 

  • Thank you! It all just came very naturally, honestly. I’ve been lucky to work with the Domain on a number of songs and I think now we sort of know the sound and tone we are aiming for. 

4. What was your experience of the collaboration? Do you have any amusing anecdotes from the sessions you’d like to share? 

  • This was actually done completely remotely during the pandemic! Fun fact- The domain (my collaborator) and I have never met in person! 

5. What’s in store for the next track? Is there anything you’d like to share or emphasise with the listeners?

  • The next track is actually one of my favourites. I don’t want to give too much away, but if you liked Say So, I think you will LOVE the next one!

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