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Numbers Don’t Count – Looking For Love | Joyful

The new song “Looking For Love” has just been released by the folk rock duo “Numbers Don’t Count” consisting of Mani Shimmers and Marcel B. They take us on a joyous journey that is extremely enjoyable to listen to. The duo grew up in the countryside of North-West Germany. However, in 2017, their paths crossed.  Their most recent record really captures the country blues mood, and the masterfully composed melodies help us experience the song. We will find ourselves tapping to the beats and enjoying the descriptive lyrics that take us on a journey. The sections for each instrument are superbly written and the arrangement is tight. The piece was incredibly enjoyable to listen to. The song conveys the happiness of falling in love or experiencing the sense of love.

I enjoy how the music flows towards the chorus. The transitions are incredibly seamless, which keeps us engaged with the music as it progresses. The guitar tone, which is so masterfully blended into the mix, is fantastic. The entire composition has a really coherent sound and occupies a distinctive spot in the mix. The tune is also well-performed, which keeps the momentum going all the way through the song. Additionally, I think the song will have a greater impact if the duo and band perform it live. The audience would undoubtedly be delighted about this. I’m confident that when new listeners hear the music, it will lift their spirits. The day would get off to such a good start.

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