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Limbo | Noelle Tolland | Country Rock | Oregon
Limbo | Noelle Tolland | Country Rock | Oregon

Taking Control with Noelle Toland’s “Limbo”

The Limbo is a sacred space. A space between things. To be in a limbo is an odd feeling. Its both frustrating and calm at the same time. It is frustrating because we don’t have an answer. Just like Schrodinger’s cat. Is it dead? Or is it alive? Its just stuck in a limbo, or are we in the limbo? Frustrating right? That’s exactly what Noelle Toland is trying to convey in her new single – “Limbo”!

Noelle Toland is an old school country music artist from the North Plains in Oregon. She started off performing around her house, for friends and family, until she joined the choir when she was five years old. From then, she knew what her calling was and she kept on it to create her own unique sound in a niche genre. What’s even more interesting is that she is also an actress with roles in several films, TV including a stint in Criminal Minds. A jack of all trades, with an amazing voice and a style that defines the future of country music.

Noelle’s latest single, “Limbo,” speaks to the universal experience of feeling stuck in a relationship and uncertain of where it’s going. The song encourages listeners to take control of their own lives and not waste time on someone who won’t give them the same effort. With a classic country sound and Noelle’s soaring vocals, “Limbo” sets the tone for her upcoming EP and delivers a message of empowerment to anyone feeling trapped in a holding pattern. It’s a reminder to put on your boots and hit the road towards a brighter future.

The track is really upbeat and the vocals are perfectly accentuated by the guitar and drums, piercing through the mix. The guitar work is absolutely masterful and sounds country and rock and modern at the same time. A track with a style that I absolutely love. It’s the mixture of the right kind of sounds – alchemizing them into a wonderful single that you all must check out.

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