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Little Victories – Love Gets Me Down | Inspire

British alt-pop trio Little Victories is back with their second single of the year, ‘Love Gets Me Down’. Formed by members Gooda, Nay Shalom and Sam Rose, the group shares their perspective on mental health issues through enthralling soundscapes and hard-hitting lyrics. Their latest release features an eclectic fusion of sounds ranging from electronic music to pop and is both inspiring and uplifting.

The track starts off with rich synth-strings that introduce the complex and groovy drum rhythm along with an array of emotive guitar melodies. As the vocals come in, a deep bass supports the groove of the track wonderfully, carrying it throughout the various distinctive sections of the song. As the song progresses, a few synth fillers are added, creating an elegant stereo space; it’s amazing how the song continues to gain character and flow smoothly even though it’s layered with many intricately produced elements.

Just can’t shake this feeling / I swear I’m fine, believe me / Curtains drawn, wide awake / Blankets silenced to think they said it’s just a phase / And I still can’t shake this feeling…” – With lyrics that are heartfelt and relatable, Little Victories seems to focus on the feelings that are connected with being alone and feeling lonely. They explore these experiences from the perspective of the person suffering, and I think that’s what makes this song a really powerful one.

Through skilful songwriting, infectious melodies and satisfying drops, the group has created a track that will surely appeal to a wide audience. ‘Love Gets Me Down’ is the next single following their debut release ‘Set In Stone’, which was very well-received by fans all around. Their captivating way of telling a story using masterful instrumentation and lyrics is bound to get them recognized very soon, so take a few minutes and enjoy the magic of Little Victories.

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