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BIAS - Amsterdam
BIAS - Amsterdam

BIAS – Amsterdam

An ode to Amsterdam, its culture, society, art, and freedom, this new single by BIAS is titled after this wonder of a city. The mellow-funk, hip-hop, and synth-pop track reverberates with the essence of the city. Tearing through with vibrancy, there’s so much activity within the song, starting with its texture, dreamy synths, and divergent rap style. Despite its laid-back presentation, the song is definitely not lacking in passion and drive.

With a runtime of less than two minutes, this track is especially impactful. Its magnifying melodies, ebbing beats, and crackling texture coalesce into a newfound emotion. Its artistic appeals is ever-expanding, an abstract fabric dipped in swirling sounds. And with the force of the vocals pierces through this vivacious scene of song, its revolutionary power is undeniably redolent of iconic Amsterdam.

BIAS is a counterculture artist who has a highly fluid understanding of music in all its forms. And if you ask me, that edginess and experimentation is what is going to set him up for success. With packed soundscapes, he is able to manifest cerebral experiences that are visceral and affecting.

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